Bwin online betting hub- where passion for games and sports meet

Bwin, formerly Bet and Win, is a global online gaming brand and a leading provider of sports betting facilities online. The company started with just 12 employees in 1997, and its numbers have grown to more than 1,500 today. Although the company hosts online casino, poker and even live casino, its main attraction is online sports betting. In fact, sports betting is the reason why the company and website has been established in the first place. Its online betting facility was launched a year after the foundation of the company, and through the years, Bwin has focused more on its sports betting segment, and is now considered one of the largest brands in the industry. One of the first notable offerings of Bwin is its live product – an online gaming feature that allows its players to place their bets while the game is in progress. This is one feature of Bwin that has helped to define the sports betting industry today.

Betting options across many sporting fields

Bwin takes sports betting seriously. The website’s latest update shows Bwin offering different betting options for more than 90 sports and games around the world. The website offers a formal and classy environment, with an easy-to-use menu, where members and players can check out and track their favourite games and bets. Some of the sports covered by Bwin for betting are football, tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, basketball and rugby. The site is user-friendly as well, since it offers its members the chance to simplify their access to their sporting favourites by simply clicking on the star symbol on the left panel of the sports betting page. To ensure complete customer information and satisfaction, the website features a game and event tracker that counts down the number of hours before an identified event will take place. The sports betting page also features a special section where it highlights a particular match, and the potential results of this match.

Live betting feature to get into the action

This company took the lead in offering a live betting feature, and has consistently provided the market with a responsive live betting function. To view and participate in the live betting feature, members can click on Overview, Event View and Multi-View. The Overview tab allows the members to check out all the games and results at a glance, and the Event View gives the players a chance to track a single event at a time. And since this is a live betting feature, the site offers a look at single events in real time, complete with scores at specific times during the course of the game.

Bonuses and promotions at Bwin

A 100-percent bonus up to $1,000 is given to new players and first-time depositors at the site. Other than the welcome bonus, the website does not list bonuses, preferring instead to focus on other side promotions like ‘Games for the Day’, free scratch card games for casino, and other trendsetting features, such as Cash Out. Under the Cash Out arrangement, players can cancel their bets at any time, even while the game is still going on!

In the absence of massive promotions and gimmicks, Bwin focuses on what’s essential in sports betting – responsive customer support and impressive features, in order to make every betting experience a memorable one.

Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle Sports- only the best odds and limits available for players

A bookmaker that’s free from gimmicks and a betting hub you can trust. With these elements Pinnacle Sports positions itself as a leading alternative for sports betting. Launched in 1998, Pinnacle Sports takes out the usual glitz and glamour that comes with gaming portals, and instead, the website welcomes its players using the best odds and high standards in customer support. Instead of marketing, Pinnacle Sports focuses on its reputation and dependability, as seen in the license provided by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles. At the core of the offerings of this sportsbook are the best odds, highest limits and an entertaining and compelling policy for welcoming players.

From live play to match odds – Pinnacle Sports offers sports betting diversity

The first thing a player will notice about the site is the simple layout, easy-to-navigate tabs, and its commitment to customer satisfaction. Instead of the flashy and colorful banners and graphics, the homepage of Pinnacle Sports offers a straightforward selection for the bettor, including Live In-Play, Match Odds and Specials. The Live-In Play feature allows the enthusiast to place bets while the game is taking place, and this menu item from Pinnacle Sports currently covers tennis, basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer. Of course, this menu only becomes operational when a specific game is in play, and covered by the website.

Aside from sports betting, Pinnacle Sports also offers casino games, live casino and a mobile gaming option. Mobile casino and live betting at this website offers a number of cool benefits – players and members of the site can build their bet ticket, fund on the go, and click on live odds.

Competent and responsive customer support available

There are at least nine types of bets offered on this site, including Total, Team Total, Outright, Match Up and Live Betting. The website offers a drop-down menu for bettors and new players to check out the available betting types, depending on the sporting event or genre. In the same window, players can also get immediate help from customer support. Help is available in different languages, including English UK, Indonesian, Norwegian, Polish and Vietnamese, thus making this sports betting website a friendly hub for different bettors and players from various parts of the world.

The site’s diversity and responsiveness to customer requirements can also be seen in the available payment options. Customers and bettors can choose from the top payment options on-site, such as bank transfer, VISA, Entropay, NETELLER, Skrill and WebMoney. The choice of payment option actually depends on the currency you select. Players are prompted to choose the appropriate payment option when an account is to be opened. To ensure a complete betting experience, the website also offers a selection of betting articles and other resources covering odds and schedules. The regular members of the site as well as first-time bettors can use these.

Putting reputation and quality odds over promotional blitz

Pinnacle Sports is a competent alternative to the leading online casinos and sports betting websites. You will not see the exciting offers that have defined other casinos and bookmakers, but it compensates by offering better odds and lower margins. The site also offers Asian handicaps, with an average return of roughly 98 percent, making Pinnacle Sports an exciting alternative for sports betting!

Bigger is not always better

Not so long ago 888Sport was nothing but an egg in an incubator, but now it has become a powerhouse in the betting arena. Bookmakers usually make their mark after a period of getting established, but the offerings of 888Sport has allowed this up and coming sports betting facility to very quickly carve out a niche for itself in the betting and gaming arena.

The fact is that 888Sport offers better odds than any other sports betting platform. Heavy advertising has also given them the leverage and the visibility to make inroads into an otherwise elitist and very loyalty based online betting world.

Their offerings, when compared to others in the marketplace, have catapulted them to the top of the food chain. At 888Sport you get a smorgasbord of a wide and varied array of sports to bet on, such as basketball, cycling, motorsports, rugby, greyhound racing, horse racing, golf, tennis and cricket. There is also the availability of special markets for patrons who are looking for something less usual.

The popularity of 888Sport has soared not only because of the wide and varied range of their betting platform, but also the odds offered on each sport are considered the best in the business.

Special features

888Sport offers an amazing betting in-play feature that allows players to make wagers on matches still in progress. Now if this is not a cool feature, then tell me what is! This feature is player-centric, as the odds are being constantly updated.

Platform and interface

No one is left out of the betting pool, as the interface is easily accessible and user-friendly. It caters to the professional as well as to the novice punter. On 888Sport bettors can view current games and place bets accordingly. You can also view up and coming events, so you can plan your days and time accordingly.

Deposit and withdrawal are easy and simple when you use 888Sport betting. All major credit cards are accepted as well as other pay options such as Ewire, Fundsen and Dineromail, just to mention a few.

Let’s go live

Accessing the live feature is as easy as child’s play. It is activated by clicking the ‘live betting’ feature on the page. After selecting this option, punters can further select a wide and varied array of events that may have garnered their interest. They can then view the odds, as they change, for a particular event, and keep track of the winning odds of a particular team or player in the sport.

The visual aesthetic of 888Sport is awesome, with simple and easy site navigation tabs that allow players to peruse the site at their leisure, or explore the site before deciding to place a wager.

On the main screen there is a copious amount of content to keep punters informed. Just select the sport that captures your interest, and all the data on that particular sport is available for your viewing pleasure.

888Sport has proven, with its betting platform and user-friendly interface, that you don’t have to have a majorly recognisable name to make it in the market. A name is only as good as what it represents, and the guarantees it makes to its playing public make all the difference.